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BIG SING // Schubert (07/25/2012)

2012.07.12 13:43

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BIG SING//Schubert

July 25, 2012 at 7pFirst Baptist of Philadelphiam
BIG SING//Schubert
with the Philadelphia Master Chorale
and the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas Chancel Choir

Witness the transformational power of music connecting communities as Mendelssohn Club welcomes the Philadelphia Master Chorale (led by Changho Lee) and the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas Chancel Choir (led by Dr. Jay Fluellen) in the 3rd annual BIG SING. Explore the music of the Korean and African Episcopal traditions and join with hundreds of local singers to perform Schubert’s Mass in G. Whether you come to sing or just to listen, this multicultural experience is perfect for an after work excursion with colleagues or the whole family.

BIG SING//Schubert is presented through the generous support of PNC Arts Alive.

Tickets: Click here to purchase tickets for this concert.

July 25, 2012 | 7 pm followed by an ice cream social sponsored by Turkey Hill Dairy
First Baptist Church of Philadelphia
For directions, click here.

123 S.17th Street
Philadelphia, PA
To hear Mendelssohn Club perform this concert at Delaware Community College on November 4, visit

Thanks to the support of a PNC Arts Alive grant, Mendelssohn Club continues the BIG SING series this summer and add a cross-cultural component to deepen engagement and community diversity. For more information about this award, click here.

About the St. Thomas Chancel Choir
Since its earliest days, St. Thomas Church has regarded music as an integral part of worship service. The first pipe organ built in an African Church was dedicated in St. Thomas Church in 1839, setting the stage for distinctive, excellent music. In the year 1886, wishing to praise God more effectively, a choir of men and women was organized with Mr. John Mills as director. Under his leadership, a well-trained organization evolved. The choir was highly regarded by the parish and the community. For fifty-seven years, (January 1934 to December 1991) James T. Townsend served as Organist-Choirmaster. Under the leadership of Mr. Townsend the choir sang many cantatas, and performed many operettas.

Throughout its 126 years of existence the Chancel Choir has been fortunate to have members who possessed voices of distinguished beauty. Among them were Robert C. Moore, tenor, Constance B. Stokes, Mezzo-Soprano, Calvin
Barlow, Baritone. Sopranos Bernice Rider Evans, Willa Mae Royster Brown, Lois Jordan Poindexter, Thelma Montara. Included in this group were deceased members; Malcolm Poindexter, Sr., Dr. Harry E. Bouden, Basses, and Kate Waring Taylor. The Chancel Choir has inspired audiences here in Philadelphia, as well as abroad. The group has sung in the Bahamas and in Costa Rica.

Dr. Jay Fluellen, the present Organist/Choir Director, received his Doctorate in Music Composition from Temple University in May of 2000. Dr. Fluellen is a gifted Jazz pianist, composer, and arranger. He is also gifted with a beautiful tenor voice.

Under Dr. Fluellen’s direction the Chancel Choir has done many exciting things. The Choir has sung at the Settlement Music School for Black History Month, participated with the Diocesan Choir for the consecration of Bishop Charles Bennison, and participated in the Annual Diocesan Absalom Jones Service for the past five years.

The Chancel Choir has been dedicated to preserving the legacy of African-American composers through its Annual Concerts. The concerts held in October of each year since 2006 have featured the works of John D. Cooper, James East, Horace Boyer, Carl MaultsBy, Willis Barnett, and Clayton White, among many others.

About the Philadelphia Master Chorale

The Philadelphia Master Chorale is the Korean Community’s leading classical chorus. Formed in 2009, the original choir, named Christian United Choir, consisted of 35 singers that performed in the ACDA (American Choral Directors Association) Eastern Division Festival in 2010. Over the years, its membership has expanded and it now consists of more than 45 singers. The choir presents in two concerts in major venues every year. Since 2009, the Choir has been under the Music Director of Chang Ho Lee, with whom it has sung a diverse range of music.

In past years, the Choir has performed a charity concert to raise aid for Haiti in 2010 with violinist David Kim. The choir’s first concert under the name, Philadelphia Master Chorale, was a performance at Abbington Friends School on June 5th 2011. The choir performed a Christmas Festival concert in December that same year. This season, the choir will perform Faure’s Requiem with international renowned baritone Hans Choi.

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