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BIG SING//Schubert - Feedback from Audiences

2012.07.30 19:49

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지난 7/25 멘델스존 클럽 콰이어와 조인 연주 후,
멘델스존 클럽 콰이어 임원이 이창호 음악감독에게 보내온 이메일입니다.


Hi, Changho.  I am not sure sure if you are aware, but after every concert, we solicit online feedback from our audiences immediately after concerts.  I wanted to share that people loved your chorus.  These are just a few comments that were shared with us:

It was a fabulous experience. A great idea executed beautifully. Special kudos to the Master Chorale for "Ave Maria" and "Arirang."

Loved the performance! The Schubert selections were great, and the guest choirs with their specialty pieces added a nice touch. Especially liked the Korean choir!

I very much enjoyed the Korean group -- especially the dancer. Learning Arirgang was really fun. What a beautiful song.

As usual, I loved being surrounded by the music, especially in the Schubert Mass. It's a very visceral experience. The three Korean soloists were absolutely marvelous!

I loved the diversity aspect, I loved participating with the guest choruses. The dancer enhanced the Korean chorus.

Thank you so much for helping us make this a wonderful concert.  Please let your chorus know how grateful we are.

Janelle McCoy
Executive Director
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia